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About Us

Diving Bell is a collective of humanities teachers which aims to write resources which are intelligent, detailed, and effective in the modern classroom.


In 2002 the Diving Bell writers agreed that the general quality of teacher knowledge and educational resources had dropped signficantly since the 1970s, leading many teachers to write their own material. With mandatory administration taking up an increasing part of a teacher's time, the opportunity to write solid and complete teaching material decreased. 

This meant that the need to provide sample and model answers for exam questions, which demonstrate the possibility of writing both effectively and insightfully within tight time constrains, was often unmet.

As of 2019, we have a small but solid core of products in the areas of English, History, and Studies of Religion.  We have over 20 years of English teaching experience at secondary and tertiary levels in Australia and the UK. We only write what we really know about, and what we write shows much more than just content knowledge. Every resource demonstrates the core values of subject English:  clear writing, sensible analysis, and insightful thinking. 

Likewise, our History teachers and writers have over 40 years of History teaching and writing experience in the UK and Australia. They've been teachers, examiners, chief examiners, and professional historians. Our resources engage and challenge students by helping them connect their knowledge into a coherent world picture, which they can use to think historically. 

Arguably one of the most important subjects for insightful thinkers and engaged citizens, Studies of Religion material has been some of Diving Bell's most popular products in our pre-internet phase. Our writers are veteran SOR teachers with British and Australian experience at all levels, including Chief Examiner. Focusing mainly on the Abrahamic religions, our resource list will grow with time.

Although our resource-lists include detailed and comprehensive notes on many topics we have most recently focused on providing sample responses which can be used by teachers and students, both as exemplars of writing excellence and as literary criticism, and welcome opportunities to engage with our readers both online and in schools. 

Contact us if there's a topic you or your department would particularly like to see resourced.

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