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A complete, engagingly-written, and easy to use introduction to the elements of narrative designed for early high-schoolers. It includes:

  • A brief introduction to the short story form
  • Ten complete short stories, each devoted to a key element of narrative (character, setting, conflict, plot, point of view, voice, theme, and genre)
  • Ten single-page discussions of the narrative element
  • Analytical and creative tasks for each story which help students think and read critically and write at increasing length
  • A two-part assessment task which teachers can use or emulate. Students answer analytical and creative questions about a very short story
  • A glossary of subject terminology which students should complete as they progress


This is the first unit in the Diving Bell Education English Syllabus. Hardcopies of this 94-page workbook are also available. 

Doorway to Narrative: Short Story Study 1

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