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An accessible, activities-guided book with glossary which helps History teachers to fulfil the syllabus requirement of an overview for Stage 4 and 5 history. Giving students a mature overview of human history is a tricky task, and this booklet will engage students in the story of our change from anatomically-modern humans to the digital citizens we have become.


Beginning with the Toba Eruption of 75,000 BC, the narrative is told in using correct historical terminology and an accessible understanding of the way chronology is divided by Age (Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and so on), and outlook (Classical, Medieval, Modern etc).


This 72-page workbook draws on the Big History approach of using scientific data to inform our understanding of the  wide-scale change in the planet's history and the events (like mass migration, formation of trade routes, the development of colonial empires, and the role of geopolitics) which result from it.


Activities help teachers to differentiate for students who are visual learners, writers, conceptual thinkers, and data-handlers, and the level of reading is appropriate for the relevant stage (Stage 4 covering history up to the Age of Exploration, and Stage 5 from the Early Modern period to contemporary times).

Global History Workbook

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