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HSC Module C: The Craft of Writing offers students complex texts from which to draw for their own writing. Because of their complex construction and ideas, students can be at a loss for 'ways in' to the text, and teachers can often struggle to break down these complex texts in the time available.


This teacher's version of Diving Bell's 'Ways Into' for Module C provides the answers to the student worksheet (also available). These comprehensive answers help teachers to lead classes through complex texts in the brief time available.


With the 'Ways Into' Module C both teachers and students should be clear on the content, meaning, construction-strategies, and ways to use Kim Cheng Boey's autogiographical poem 'Stamp Collecting'.


NOTE: the final question, addressing ways to appropriate the text for the student's own work, is undone since it invites an individual, creative response.

HSC Mod C: Ways Into - Boey, 'Stamp Collecting' TEACHER'S COPY

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