This unit of work brings John Wyndham's vivid novel to life for students of all abilities. The program provides clear differentiation for three levels of student: higher ability, lower ability, and Gifted and Talented, and clearly indicates core and differentiated tasks.

Activities accompany each chapter, and relevant secondary texts such as Edwin Muir's 'The Horses' are included. There are a selection of news articles on genetic mutation and 'post-human' or far-future people which will engage students of different levels and persuasions. Brief and cogent discussions of how societies have treated difference develop students' general and historical knowledge and sharpen their critical thinking.

The program includes outcomes for the New South Wales English Stage 5 (Year 10) syllabus, although these can be substituted for others. A statement of global citizenship values in the frontispiece rationale will also help teachers who must work within school-mandated codes of values.

The Chrysalids Unit of Work and Programme