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Euripides' Alkestis makes a great introduction to Greek tragedy, with its highly engaging story of a woman who volunteers to die in place of her husband. This unit was taught to a Year 9/10 (ages 15-16 years) mixed-ability class and can be taught with any good modern translation of the play. 


The 54-page unit comprises:

  • An introductory lesson on Greek tragedy
  • Lessons on the seven scenes of Euripides' play, with questions which encourage lateral thinking, contextual reading, creative response, and comparison with other short texts
  • These short texts are provided (modern poetry and short stories)
  • An assessment question which requires students to write persuasively
  • A selection of questions for other long-form responses


NB If you buy this unit and would like to use the same play text as our class used, drop us a message and we'll share it with you at no charge. We used George Theodoridis' free translation (copyright to Theodoridis and the poetry in translation website - We have simply split Theodoridis' text into seven scenes for ease of teaching. 

Unit of Work: Euripides' Alcestis

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