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Comparative units are a great way to examine how the same preoccupations appear in different times, styles, and forms.


This senior unit of work invites students to compare Fritz Lang's 1927 expressionist sci-fi extravaganza Metropolis with George Orwell's 1949 dystopian novel 1984. They consider the two texts' handling of themes, narrative strategies, and representational techniques through a side-by-side reading and viewing of the text pairing.


The unit has been designed for a 10-week term, and this resource includes:


1. A brief list of useful websites and readings which students should research to gain a sense of the film's context and to give them time to read the first chapters of the novel.

2. A breakdown of the text-pairing over seven task-sheets corresponding to 7 weeks of a school term. Each week contains

  • A nominated section of the film and novel for study
  • Topics and questions for class discussion which students should prepare either verbally or in writing.
  • A writing task to consolidate the week's work

The final weeks of term can be given over to an assessment task, which will be put up on this shop.

Unit of Work: Metropolis and 1984

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